Analytical Paper “Cooperation with NATO: Benefits for Ukraine and Russia”

11:27 15.03.12
Publication was prepared by the Institute of World Policy as a result of the First Ukraine – Russia – NATO Forum.

The First Ukraine – Russia – NATO Forum “Cooperation with NATO: Benefits for Ukraine and Russia” was organized by the Institute of World Policy in partnership with Moscow Carnegie Center and co-supported by NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine and NATO Information Office in Russia. It brought together leading Ukrainian, Russian and European experts to discuss a new vision of the relations between Kyiv, Moscow and NATO.

The full text of the paper is here.

Leaders and Slackers on Ukraine’s Reform Process (ECFR)
13 October, 2016
This text is an annex to “Keeping up appearances: How Europe is supporting Ukraine’s transformation” by Gustav Gressel, Senior Policy Fellow at the ECFR, and has been compiled by national researchers in each of the EU member states.
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