Ukraine-NATO: Diagnosing the Partnership

06:11 17.06.15
The study was conducted within the project Strategic Discussion Club in the Regions, implemented by the Institute of World Policy in partnership with the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine and with the support of the Government of Norway.

The Strategic Discussion Club aimed to create opportunities to hold informal but substantial public discussions on strategic matters of national security in the Ukrainian regions.

Opinions expressed in this publication do not reflect the official positions of NATO and the Government of Norway.


Alyona Getmanchuk

Ukraine-NATO: a Hidden Integration or Undeclared Neutrality?

James Sherr

NATO and Ukraine: the Limits of Consensus

Bjørn Olav Knutsen

How has the Ukrainian Issue Reshaped the NATO alliance?

Iulian Chifu

Are Occupied Territories an Obstacle for Ukraine’s Integration in NATO?

Sergiy Solodkyy

NATO and Ukrainians: Does Public Opinion Matter?

Charly Salonius-Pasternak

Substitute of Membership: a Finnish Model?

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