Videoconference with NATO Assistant Secretary General in IWP

11:15 24.11.10
Dirk Brengelmann, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs summed up the results of Lisbon Summit during the videoconference Kyiv - Brussels.

During his introduction speech Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Dirk Brengelmann informed Ukrainian experts and journalists about the documents, adopted during Lisbon Summit. He paid his special attention to NATO Strategic concept, that will be valid till 2020. Moreover he reminded that Ukraine plays important role, while it takes part in all peace keeping operations.

Answering questions of Ukrainian experts Dirk Brengelmann underlined the importance of Ukraine in new missile defense system of Alliance. NATO official, however could not clarify the exact contribution Ukraine can make into this system. “We need time to understand how this system will function and think over the role of Russia. We can have many partners”, Brengelmann said.

He also admitted that before the role of Ukraine is clear NATO has to get the deal with Russian Federation. “Russia is the most difficult issue”, he said.

Discussion with Ukrainian experts and journalists tool place during the video conference organized by the Institute of World Policy, supported by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and NATO information and documentation center.

Transcript of the discussion find here

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