DVC “Euro-Atlantic Missile Defense System: a View from Russia and Ukraine”

05:03 22.09.11
The Institute of World Policy in partnership with Carnegie Moscow Center hold a DVC Kyiv-Moscow “Euro-Atlantic Missile Defense System: a View from Russia and Ukraine”.

The leading Russian and Ukrainian experts discussed the possible engagement of Russia and Ukraine into Euro-Atlantic Missile Defense Shield.

Russian experts came to the conclusion that NATO-Russia consultations on missile defense have not led to any results.

Regarding the possilbe Ukraine's engagement into NATO MDS they suggested several alternatives.

- Ukraine is a sovereign state, so it can decide all security issues by itself.

Alyona Getmanchuk, director of the Institute of World Policy

- Ukraine should be activeky involved in the MDS issues, as the attacking missile can be possible intercepted over Ukraine's territory. That would cause damages and this risk should be taken into consideration.

- Ukraine and Russia should cooperate on creating the common air defense system. Russia is particulary interested in the Ukraine's research and technological potential.

Olexiy Rumiantsev, military and sea attache of the Russian Federation

Svitlana Rotaenko, Programme Officer at NATO Information and Documentation Centre

Mykola Sumgurovskyy, director of military programmes, Razumkov Center

Kateryna Zarembo, deputy director of the Institute of World Policy and Roman Horbyk, IWP's analyst.

Vitaliy Begma, head of the department for defense and military policy of National Institute for Strategic Studies of Ukraine

Viktor Shlinchak, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of World Policy

Olexiy Kolomiets, director, Center for European and Transatlantic Studies

Oksana Pyliavets, analyst of the Institute of World Policy

The DVC was held within the framework of the project «Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: Pro et Contra», which is implemented by the IWP in partnership with Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies and supported by NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine.

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