Videoconference Kyiv-Tbilist at the Institute of World Policy

04:56 03.10.12
On Wednesday, October 3rd , the Institute of World Policy held the videoconference with Tbilisi. The primary topic of the discussion was the results of the recently-held parliamentary elections in Georgia.

Leading political figures, experts and journalist were present in Tbilisi studio and took part in the discussion: Batu Kutelia, Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council, Gela Vasadze, journalist, editor, presenter on the channel "PIK," David Darchiashvili, member of the Parliament (United National Movement), David Beritashvili, political scientists and Michael Tavhalidze, political scientist and journalist.

The event was supported by the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine within the framework of the "Ukraine and Georgia" thematic panel executed by the IWP.

During the discussion, the experts underscored that Georgia and democracy in Georgia won as a result of recently-held parliamentary elections. Considerable attention was paid to the risk of possible reversion of the reforms; also, the caution was expressed that the destruction of institutions that have showed good performance in the course of the reform process may adversely affect the further development of Georgia. Overall, during the discussion, optimistic predictions were avowed about the future of the political party of Mikheil Saakashvili "United National Movement" (UNM) in the newly formed parliament. Experts also shared their thoughts about the causes of loss UNM, naming among others the campaign organized by the opposition coalition "Georgian Dream" on the eve of the election, which, according to experts, was based on compromising evidences, and, as noted by David Beritashvili, "the paradigm of free lunch".

Experts also emphasized that although the president remains the strong figure on the political arena in Georgia, he will not aggravate the political crisis in the country. In addition, Georgian experts have expressed a concern about the variegated composition of coalition of "Georgian Dream" and its ability to implement the unified policy.

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