Institute of World Policy held a videoconference with Anne Applebaum

05:22 01.10.12
On September 27, IWP held videoconference with Anne Applebaum, a prominent journalist and historian.

Ms. Applebaum spoke on wide range of topics such as European integration of Ukraine, image and perception of the country in the American media, gender equality in Ukraine and the world as well as the role of women in modern diplomacy.

Ms. Applebaum avowed that in the European Union does not hear clear message from Ukraine regarding the European vector of its foreign policy. The journalist said that the EU is tired from countries with high level of debt, corruption and underdeveloped economies. As for Ukraine's image in the American media, Mrs. Applebaum affirmed that it is largely crafted by the case Yulia Tymoshenko that indicated authoritarian tendencies in the country. But at the same time, the journalist stressed that forthcoming parliamentary elections would be crucial for shaping the image of Ukraine abroad and in the United States in particular, "it is not as important who will be elected in as the result of these elections, as how peaceful and legitimate transition of power is going to be."

During the discussion on the topic of the role of women in politics, Ms. Applebaum underscored that the growing influence of women in politics is a positive sign of changes within a society, because it indicates the level of its openness.

Mrs. Applebaum referred to the topic of democratization of post-totalitarian societies and the importance of the revival of civil society that is able to organize not just for political but also for social problems.

At the end of the discussion, Ms. Applebaum announced the release of her new book, "The Iron Curtain: Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956" that analyzes stalinization processes in Central and Eastern Europe, namely the role of police institutions, media, and civil society organizations in these processes

The event was held as part of the Virtual forum of global women leaders" supported by Internews, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Embassy in London

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