Policy Brief "“Ukraine‘s Positions on the Transnistrian Conflict and Expectations from OSCE Chairmanship"

05:45 23.01.13
The Institute of World Policy and the Romanian Center for European Policies have published a policy brief “Ukraine‘s Positions on the Transnistrian Conflict and Expectations from OSCE Chairmanship”

The author of the policy-brief the director of the Institute of World Policy Alyona Getmanchuk scrutinized Ukraine’s potential as the one of the most important actors in the process of the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. Ukraine has a great potential to develop the necessary premises for providing a peaceful resolution for the Transnistrian long lasting conflict. However, its potential is randomly used and the interest in taking a more active role is quite limited.

The policy brief emphasizes that Ukraine, due to its geographical position, is able a) to enhance control on the Transnistrian perimeter of the Ukraine-Moldova border, b) to boost regional cooperation, to support the integration mechanisms -such as the development of the Euro-region “Nistru” c) to support the reform of the peacekeeping mission and d) to mediate the talks between Chisinau and the leaders from Tiraspol.

This study is a part of the "Romania - Ukraine: Civic Forum," which is implemented in cooperation with the Romanian Center for European Policy and the Institute of World Policy.

The full version of the policy-brief could be accessed here

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