Gender equalities from the eyes of artists

10:41 24.07.13
The Institute of World Policy under the “Global Virtual Forum of Women Leaders” initiative is representing a selection of caricatures, which reflect a current gender situation in Ukraine and around the world. According to the last World Economic Forum, Ukraine has been ranked 64th out of 135 countries in upholding gender equalities rights.

Our government has indeed accepted a number of regulations that tackle gender equality, yet a lack of a practical mechanism of implementing makes these regulations ineffective. There a huge gap between a legal theory and a practical reflection of equality. For example, salary of a female worker equals 72.5% of a male’s worker one. Does it mean, that women work less productive? No. According to independent research agency Ponemon Institute, women-employees work much harder than men. Maybe they work less? But neither that is true: a woman works 4-6 hours more than a man (in particular if we count unpaid domestic work of women). Thus, whilst women are working long-hours, men are signing different paper work. Gender stereotypes are seen not only in working field, but also in education and creation of a family. As such, 89% of families have only one single parent, who is usually a woman. Whereas there is only 2% of men in Ukraine, who take paternity leave. In general, an average father spends about 4 minutes on growing up his child. Studies show that employed women spend twice more time with their children than unemployed men do.

The selection of caricature on the topic of gender equalities leaves a scope to think about this gender situation in the country. Perhaps, in the eyes of artists the reality will be more convincing than analytical data and various statistics.

The project “Global Virtual Forum of Women Leaders” is being implemented with the support of Internews and USAID agency. The project aims to promote more active participation of Ukrainian women in political and public life by studying the international experience. Famous Ukranian artists Maryna Turovska, Kostyantyn Kazanchev and Oleksii Kustovsky created the caricatures for the Institute of World Policy.

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