Fighting Corruption: What Everyone Should Know (Infographic)

12:42 PM 7-4-2014

Institute of World Policy within the project “New European Policy” has released the information graphics about basic mechanisms and secrets of successful fight against corruption.Ukraine takes the first place in Europe in terms of corruption.
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Fight against corruption: the trust of Ukrainians to officials.
Іf Ukrainian citizens do not believe that authority represents their interests, they tend not to follow the law and are ready to commit corruption.
83% of Ukrainians people believe that officials act in their own interests.
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Сorruption іn Ukraine is a necessity. Іn the EU – a choice.
Сorruption іn Ukraine is often perceived as a survival strategy and the easiest way to achieve its goals.
33% of Ukrainians are forced to pay bribes to have things done.
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Is there any good news?
From year to year there is growing proportion of those who believe that corruption cannot be justified in any case.
41% of Ukrainians believe that corruption cannot be justified.
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Who should fight against corruption?
77.6 % of Ukrainians consider that fight against corruption is the duty of the president.
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Secrets of an effective fight against corruption.
There are three factors concerning fight against corruption: transparency of the procedures, public participation and inevitability of punishment. One of the main secrets is liquidation of unnecessary approvals and simplification of all procedures.
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Overcoming corruption requires systemic reforms.
Corruption affects all the EU countries. Every 12-th European has experience of corruption. However, European countries have developed effective mechanisms for combating and preventing corruption.
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The revolution of professionals.
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National Anti Corruprtion Investigation Bureau.
There should be a specialized anti-corruption official body with the powers to conduct preliminary investigation, especially against senior government officials.
However, the work of anti-corruption bureau will not be successful without fair and impartial courts.
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The project “New European Policy” is conducted with the support of the “Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms” (UNITER) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Pact. The partners of the IWP are Centre for Political and Legal Reforms, Transparency International in Ukraine and Anticorruption Action Centre.