Beware! Russian World!

11:54 AM 6-11-2015

Caricature for the Institute of World Politics prepared Oleg Smal.Giving every support for “Russian world” is an absolute foreign policy priority of Russia “, – Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, mentioned on the eve of the World Congress of Russian Compatriots, tahta was held these days in Moscow. Sounds really threatening. Putin’s adventure with “protect” compatriots led to the deaths of more than eight thousand citizens of Ukraine. Such congresses should alert other governments: the aggressive policy of Russia is hardly limited only to our country – too much temptation for Kremlin to promote itself on further blood – including his own fellows …
Earlier IWP prepared the materials on threats related to the aggressive policy of Russia within the ideology of “Russian World”:
1. The blog of Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of IWP «Why are we not moving in the same way?
2. Participation of Serhiy Solodkyy in the international discussion panel «In a search of the antidote from the attack of “Russian World” in Europe»
3. Infographic about, How to counter Russian propaganda
4. IWP survey «How Do EU Citizens Perceive The War in Eastern Ukraine?»
5. The analysis of the situation in Southern Europe by Leonid Litra, Senior Analyst IWP.