The Image of Ukraine

02:08 PM 17-12-2015

Cartoon of Olexiy KustovskiyMedia partner: Information-Analytical Agency “Glavcom”
There has been a lot of talk in Ukraine recently about the ways we can address the hybrid warfare unleashed by Russia. Yet, very little has been said about the contribution of Ukrainian politicians to this war. The machine of Russian propaganda certainly does not lack material to continue portraying Ukraine through the prism of “radicalization” of society, a failed state or a threat to global security. The most recent cases are Kuzhel vs. Teteruk on November 5th, Parasiuk vs. Pisnyi on November 19th, Barna vs. Yatsenyuk on December 14th, and Avakov vs. Saakashvili on December 14th.
All these names don’t ring a bell with an average German or Italian. Ordinary EU citizens are unlikely to think about who is wrong and who is right; who earned his share of insults and who should be sympathized with. Yet, they clearly realize that these politicians behave like barbarians that are not aware of the disaster their country turned into. Will the actions of these politicians improve the image of Ukraine? Can we then blame our diplomats for not doing anything to save the reputation of the state?
To learn more about the perception of Ukraine in the EU countries, follow the link of the Institute of World Policy below.

“What Do EU Citizens Think about Ukraine?”.(The opinion poll had been conducted in Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Sweden)
“What Do Ukrainians Think about Ukraine”