A Sad Anniversary

05:06 PM 12-2-2016

This cartoon has been created by Philip Maruschak on request of the Institute of World Policy. This project is supported by the information and analytical agency Glavkom.“It has been long accepted that the Minsk Agreements are not about who is going to implement them, and not even about who is not. They are about whom the international community is going to hold accountable for their failure. The resources spent on proving that the Minsk process is ruined by Russia, are inadequate compared with the resources spent by Russia on proving that it is being wrecked by Ukraine. The Russians know what they do: regrettably, today the sanctions against Russia are only maintained in the EU by a fragile minority.”
Read more in the blog post by the IWP’s Director Alyona Getmanchuk “Minsk: Obituary or Anniversary?”