Welcome to Ukraine

10:49 AM 9-9-2016

This cartoon has been created by Philip Maruschak on request of the Institute of World Policy.One by one, newly appointed diplomats from all around the world are arriving to Ukraine. Some of them are already familiar with the Ukrainian context. Yet, several others have approached Ukraine only through foreign media. For the last three years, the international diplomatic community has played an important (at times, even a fundamental) role for ensuring progress in the reform process, the upholding of democratic standards and the rule of law in Ukraine. By being “the eyes and ears” of their own governments, foreign diplomats have represented a reliable support platform for the Ukrainian government against Russian propaganda in the attempt to communicate a truthful account of Moscow’s act of aggression. We do hope that not only will the new heads of diplomatic missions continue the efforts of their predecessors, but also will reinforce the latter with their own fresh energy and ideas. What’s most important is that the optimistic image of a “new Ukraine” should not overshadow in their eyes those negative events, which are still poisoning Ukrainians’ daily lives.