IWP analyst: Ukrainian-Hungarian relations have a noticeably positive dynamic

01:21 PM 7-12-2016

The events of the past few months have demonstrated a very positive dynamic in relations between Ukraine and Hungary. IWP analyst Daria Gaidai presented on this during the international applied sciences conference “Ukraine-Hungary: 25 years of diplomatic relations.”The event took place on December 5 at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine in the Foreign Affairs Ministry with the support of the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine.
Daria Gaidai presented conclusions and recommendations of the IWP’s research on Ukrainian-Hungarian relations, presented spring of this year.
See the publication ““Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Hungary” here.
Gaidai highlighted that work on the research led to the activation of cooperation with Hungarian colleagues.
“Our main recommendation was to better communication and set up a strategic dialogue concerning problematic questions between the two countries. For a long time Hungary has remained terra incognita for both Ukrainian politicians and the expert audience. This has spawned misunderstandings and conflicts. There existed in the bilateral agenda certain questions which Hungary most of all was interested in. Today Ukraine and Hungary have the chance to establish a balanced partnership. The fundamental recipe: to concentrate on questions which unite and do not divide the two countries.
The events of the past few months have demonstrated a very positive dynamic in Ukrainian and Hungarian relations. During Prime Minister Groisman’s visit there were several statements which established optimism for future Ukrainian-Hungarian cooperation. Prime Minister Orban emphasized that Budapest supports Ukrainian membership in the EU and considers the cancellation of the visa regime for Ukrainians as a moral obligation for the EU. Mutual projects, especially in the sphere of infrastructure, were started.”

The IWP analyst especially expressed gratitude to the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine for its cooperation and active dialogue with Ukrainian civil society.