An IWP analyst took part in expert consultations in Brussels

01:17 PM 3-10-2016

28-29 September, Sergiy Solodkyy, first deputy director of IWP, visited Brussels on a business trip.At a round table discussion in the Europarliament on September 29th Sergiy Solodkyy presented «Strengthening security partnership» . The presentation was dedicated to the question of EU and NATO cooperation with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. The discussion was held in this formation because during the time of the July summit the EU and NATO alliance signed a declaration concerning cooperation.

Participants of the round table discussion deliberated how the EU and NATO have to coordinate their efforts for cooperation with Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia; what form new types of cooperation can take, and what common ground exists.

The action was organized by the European Neighborhood Council and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party.

The following day the experts led a discussion concerning the same theme, located this time in the headquarters of NATO. In particular, the discussion concerned what support the Alliance can provide to the separate states of the Eastern Partnership. Aside from analysts from Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, analysts from Romania, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan also took part. The alliance hopes to attract experts from countries of the region to develop its strategy further.

During the brainstorming session, Ukraine was represented by the first deputy director of the IWP.