Audit of European Support for Ukraine (photos)

11:19 AM 7-10-2016

On October 6, the ECFR in cooperation with the Institute of World Policy and the Swedish Embassy in Kyiv launched a new report ‘Audit of European Support for Ukraine’.Martin Hagström, Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, Gustav Gressel, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR, author of the Audit, Andrew Hill, Donor Coordination Adviser, European Union Delegation to Ukraine, Olena Tregub, Director, International Assistance Coordination and Cooperation with DFIs, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and Sergiy Solodkyy, First Deputy Director, IWP, took part in the discussion.
Chair: Leonid Litra, Senior Research Fellow, IWP.

The report is available at the ECFR website


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