Audit of Ukraine’s Foreign Policy. Index of Relations

04:25 PM 24-10-2016

On October 24, the Institute of World Policy together with Truman Agency presented the first edition of ‘Index of Relations’ within the ‘Foreign Policy Audit’ project.Every four months we will evaluate the relations’ dynamics on Ukraine’s key foreign policy directions: the U.S., the EU, Russia, and China. Besides IWP experts will prepare a special edition on certain topic. This time our special edition was titled ‘Does Transnistria Change the Game in the Region?’

Speakers: Alyona Getmanchuk, Sergiy Solodkyy, Leonid Litra, Daria Gaidai, Andriy Goncharuk,Viktoriya Zakrevskaya


Details about the research:

IWP analysts assessed the recent events in Ukrainian foreign policy within the key directions such as: the EU, USA, China, and Russia. The assessment is based not only on their observations but also on the exclusive comments of the Ukrainian officials, Ukrainian and foreign diplomats, and opinion leaders.

The study focuses on the events determining the bilateral relations’ as well as on the profound analysis of the prerequisites for shaping partner countries’ (regions’) approaches towards Ukraine.

The monitoring will be published on a regular basis, which will allow to observe the dynamics of bilateral relations’ development as well as to compare the forecasts with the current situation.

The expert group, in parallel with the qualitative analysis of the key foreign policy events, provides also an assessment in the quantitative terms (index).