IWP Expert Spoke at the “Ukraine – Two Years after Maidan” Conference in Budapest

03:50 PM 29-2-2016

IWP expert, Ivan Medynskyi, participated in the panel discussion entitled “Ukraine – Two Years after Maidan” at Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary).On February 24th, 2016, Embassies of Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States jointly organized a panel discussion on the challenges that Ukraine faces two years after the Revolution of the Dignity.

Hosted by the Youth Wing of the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Society at Corvinus University, it was a final part of the “Focus On Ukraine” series of events held in Budapest.

Photos: UK Embassy in Hungary

During the engaging exchange of ideas, panelists agreed that political stability and peace process are vital for conducting structural reforms in Ukraine.

Ivan Medynskyi, Research Fellow at the Institute of World Policy emphasized the role of civil society in catalyzing the process of reforms in Ukraine, challenges of the Minsk processes, and the importance of European unity in supporting Ukraine.