Garry Kasparov Took Part in Public Discussion on a Authoritarianism and Democracy At the Institute of World Policy

05:02 PM 18-3-2010

On March 18, Garry Kasparov, famous russian political figure, took part in a public discussion with Ukrainian experts on foreign affairs, student leaders and journalists. The presentation’s topic of the Russian politician is “Ukraine and Russia: Authoritarianism and Democracy.”Garry Kasparov agreed to participate in discussion at an invitation of the Institute of World Policy.

After the retirement from chess in 2005, Kasparov turned to politics and created the United Civil Front, a social movement critisizing Vladimir Putin. Kasparov was instrumental in setting up The Other Russia, a coalition which opposes Vladimir Putin`s government.

In 2008 he was among main organizers of demoratic oppositin movement called “The Solidarity.”

Full version of the discussion on Russian