IWP organized official visits to Prague and Berlin for RPR experts

11:06 AM 3-11-2016

Mykola Bielieskov, analyst of the Institute of World Policy, attended a panel with a delegation of experts from the Reanimation Package of Reforms on October 24-28th, 2016The visit was organized by the IWP along with partners from the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Transparency International Ukraine.

October 24-28th, 2016 Ukrainian analysts had a series of open and closed meetings in Berlin at the Bundestag Committee, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chancellery Office, and DGAP (German Council on Foreign Relations) and SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs) analytical centers.

The delegation from Ukraine (5 members) presented to their German colleagues their evaluation of the situation with the reforms in the areas of anticorruption and economy. Potential forms of closer involvement from the EU in these processes were also discussed.

Angela Merkel’s key advisor concerning Ukraine, Abraham Knuth, stands with Ukrainian experts.

Analyst Mykola Bielieskov presented a Memo on “red lines” for the regulation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, initiated by the IWP and prepared together with partners from other analytical centers. Moreover, during the meetings with the German partners emphasis was put on the need for the FRG’s active participation in the development of a road map for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, in particular for the creation of authentic conditions in the sphere of safety for the start of the political portion of regulation.
In addition to this, the Ukrainian delegation paid considerable attention to the critical need for keeping EU sanctions against Russia in place as a means of guaranteeing Moscow’s complete fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. As the meetings demonstrated, the German partners share the views expressed in the IWP memo, especially concerning safety conditions for voting.
The project was realized due to the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine.