IWP joined Ucrazyans City at GogolFEST 2016

07:18 PM 18-9-2016

During weekend, September 17-18, Institute of World Policy took part in a social initiatives festival Ucrazyans within GogolFEST 2016.At Ucrazyans space everyone interested was able to experience how it feels to be a civic activist in today’s Ukraine, learn how to join civic initiatives and get inspiration to start personal project.

IWP organized an intellectual game “How well do you know Europe?”, exhibition of political cartoon, and workshop of well-known Ukrainian caricaturist Oleg Smal.

During the last year the social initiatives festival Ucrazyans (“Unbelievable Ukrainians”) have engaged citizens from Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhya) in civil society activism.

We are greatfull our partners from USAID Ukraine, Pact, Uniter Project for the idea and its realization.