Public Discussion “Mission Accomplishable? Audit of the EU Efforts in Reforming Ukraine’s Civilian Security Sector”

12:19 PM 23-3-2017

On March 23, the Institute of World Politics hеld a public discussion, titled «Mission accomplishable? Audit of the EU efforts in reforming Ukraine’s Civilian Security Sector»

Among the speakers were:

Kateryna Zarembo, Deputy Director of the IWP

Olexander Lytvynenko, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Anastasia Deeva, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Udo Moeller, EUAM Head of Operations

Evgen Zaharov, Director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group

Evgeny Enin, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine

At the event the IWP presented a policy brief on cooperation between EUAM and Ukrainian state institutions, conducted within a WOSCAP project. “Whole of Society for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding” (WOSCAP) is a joint project of the Institute of World Policy and nine other institutional partners within the framework of the European Union’s “Horizon 2020” program.Aside from a framework research and scoping studies focused on clusters such as multi-track diplomacy, governance, etc, the project focused on four study cases (including Ukraine) to evaluate the EU’s efforts and propose policy options.

Last October, Kateryna Zarembo participated in the expert consultations “Strategic Review of EUAM Ukraine: Gathering Civil Society Input”” in Brussels. The aim of the consultations was to discuss the progress in Ukraine’s civilian security sector reform, further reform priorities and streamlining EUAM activities according to Ukraine’s needs.

In autumn of 2015 the Institute of World Policy held a discussion ‘How the EU helps Ukraine to reform the security sector”. At the event Mrs. Zarembo presented a policy brief “The first year EUAM in Ukraine: ambitions against reality».