Rebecca Harms Delivered a Public Lecture at the Institute of World Policy

05:26 PM 7-2-2010

Rebecca Harms, the Europarliament Deputy, delivered a public lecture at the Institute of World PolicyOn February 6, 2010, Rebecca Harms delivered a public lecture at the Institute of World Policy to young Ukrainian leaders interested in issues of Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The presentation’s topic of the German politician was “The importance of Ukraine’s presidential election to European Union.”

Mrs. Harms is a German politician and the President of the Green Group in the European Parliament. She is the member of Ukraine-EU Inter Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

The German politician arrived to Ukraine as a member of European Parliament election observation delegation. Rebecca Harms agreed to deliver a lectiure at an invitation of the Institute of World Policy.

During the lecture Mrs. Harms expressed her opinion on affairs between Ukraine and European Union, main tasks for new president of Ukraine, political and economical crisis.