A Statement of the Institute of World Policy Concerning the Initiative of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych of a Non-Alignment Status for Ukraine

06:28 PM 25-2-2010

Kyiv, Ukraine. February 25, 2010. The Institute of World Policy ( expresses a deep concern over the intention of the new President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to initiate a legislation installing Ukraine`s non-alignment status.We believe that implementing such a policy is contrary to national interests of Ukraine.

We believe that the new President and his team did not take into account all possible consequences of such a measure. A hasty legislative of a non-alignment status is counterproductive and irresponsible.

We believe that the non-alignment status will not guarantee security, independence, and territorial integrity for Ukraine.

We also believe that implementing the non-alignment would stand on the way to Ukraine`s full European integration and conserve the development of the nation.

We appreciate the intention of the new President of Ukraine to improve relations with the Russian Federation, but we also believe that implementing this goal should not result in the Ukrainian People`s paying a high price in terms of their security and welfare.

We express our outrage about the new President of Ukraine promise of a policy to make Ukraine a «European non-aligned state» without a broad public discussion, expert assessments, or a proper referendum. We urge the new leadership of the country to organize professional discussions concerning this initiative of the new President.

In the opposite case, the Institute of World Policy will become an initiating organizer of the Euro-Atlantic Resistance Movement of Ukraine, which will involve all conscious citizens who care for their European future.