Key Challenges of Security Sector Consolidation in Ukraine

12:47 PM 11-12-2014

On December 19, the IWP together with Prague Security Studies Institute held a roundtable aimed at contributing to a consolidation of security sector in Ukraine.The participants discussed shielding security system against infiltration by foreign and criminal interests and guarding loyalty of security community.
The round table was attended by leading Ukrainian and Czech security experts, including Jiří Schneider, Senior Fellow and Director of Special Projects at thePrague Security Studies Institute, Petr Pojman, Fellow of Prague Security Studies Institute, Dr. Oldrich Bures, Head of the Center for Security Studies, Michal Tosovšký, Director of the Policing Program of Open Society, and others.
The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine Ivan Počuch and Deputy Ambassador Paul Buchek were also present.
The debate was conducted under the so called «Chatham House rules.