“Whole of Society for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding” (WOSCAP)

05:11 PM 26-9-2016

The IWP and 9 other institutional partners have jointly launched the project “Whole of Society for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding”, conducted in the framework of the EU’s “Horizon 2020” program.The objective of the “Whole of Society for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding”(WOSCAP) is to enhance the capabilities of the EU for implementing conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions through sustainable, comprehensive and innovative civilian means.
Aside from a framework research and scoping studies focused on clusters such as multi-track diplomacy, governance, etc, the project will focus on four study cases (Ukraine, Georgia, Mali and Yemen) to evaluate the EU’s efforts and propose policy options.
Leonid Litra, Senior Research Fellow at the IWP, took part in the meeting of the WOSCAP consortium in the Hague on June 22, 2015.
The representatives of the Institute of World Policy, Senior Analyst Leonid Litra and First Deputy Director Sergiy Solodkyy, participated in the expert discussion in London on the EU’s role in conflict resolution in other countries.
On January 25th and 26th the experts of the Institute of World Policy hosted the WOSCAP Methodology Workshop.
On September 7, the Institute of World Policy organised a closed discussion to present the research findings of EU interventions in Ukraine’s conflict settlement.

WOSCAP project is implemented under direction of the GPPAC (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Hague) and in partnership with nine organizations, including the Institute of World Policy, London School of Economics, Utrecht University and others.
Duration of the project is 2.5 years, from mid-2015 until the end of 2017. Ukraine has joined the EU’s “Horizon 2020” program only in March 2015, when the IWP had already contributed to its realization.