Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Lithuania

11:40 AM 13-12-2016

A discussion paper was prepared by Olena Betliy, Research Fellow at the Institute of World PolicyFull text of the report is available here

1. Introduction
2. Interests of Ukraine toward Lithuania and Interests of Lithuania toward Ukraine
2.1. Back to the Past: the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a Space of Common Historical Heritage
2.2. The EU as a Landmark for the Bilateral Cooperation: Reforms, Investments, Energy Independence
2.3. The Development of Security and Defense Cooperation
3. Who Is Who? Interest Groups and Groups of Influence
4. Existing Risks and Potential Challenges
5. Recommendations

This report was conducted within the project of the Institute of World Policy “Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Audit” with financial support of the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine.
The contents are those of the Institute of World Policy and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Lithuanian Government.