Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Poland

12:26 PM 11-11-2016

A discussion paper was prepared by Kateryna Zarembo, deputy director of the Institute of World PolicyFull text of the report is available here

1. Introduction
2. Interests of Ukraine toward Poland and interests of Poland toward Ukraine: the meeting points
2.1. Political dialogue: the past chasing the present
2.2. Security interests of Ukraine and Poland: multidimensional implementation
2.3. Reforms and the economy: The opportunity for a common success story
3. Who’s Who? Interested Parties and Groups of Influence
3.1. Political players: Who influences Polish policy towards Ukraine?
3.2. Public sentiments toward Ukraine in Poland and toward Poland in Ukraine
4. Existing and Potential Risks and Conflicts
4.1. Growing problems in relations between Ukraine and Poland through persistent confrontational historical rhetoric.
4.2. Poland’s weakening position in the EU and hence worsening relations with Ukraine
4.3. Loss of Polish support for lack of substantial progress in reforms
4.4. Worsening attitudes and discrimination against Ukrainians in Poland
5. Recommendations

This report was conducted within the project of the Institute of World Policy “Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Audit”. This project is implemented with the support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation of German Marshall Fund of the USA, and the “Think Tank Support Initiative” implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) in partnership with Think Tank Fund (TTF) with financial support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

The contents are those of the Institute of World Policy and do not necessarily reflect the views of the German Marshall Fund of the USA, the Swedish Government, the International Renaissance Foundation, Think Tank Fund.