Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-U.S.

11:59 AM 29-3-2016

On March 29, the Institute of World Policy presented the discussion paper “Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-U.S.”.During the last two years, Ukraine has always been among top 5 priorities of foreign and security policy of the US. However, currently, shared values are voiced in the bilateral dialogue much clearer than shared interests. The objective of this analysis is an attempt to go beyond the crisis management diplomacy and analyze Ukraine’s current interests towards the US and the United States’ interests towards Ukraine.

To download the publication, please, click here.

In February, the IWP presented a research on the Ukraine-Germany relations «Ukraine-Germany: How to Turn Situational Partnership into Priority One»

The “Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Audit” project is conducted with the support of Black Sea Trust for regional cooperation – a project of the German Marshall Fund. The aim of our project is to provide an independent assessment and revision of Ukraine’s relations with its neighbors and strategic partners.

IWP study will indicate existing gaps and failings in bilateral relations and formulate concrete policy recommendations how to overcome the existent challenges. In the end of the project the IWP will prepare its recommendations to revised Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Strategy.