Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Japan

12:25 PM 16-12-2016

A discussion paper was prepared by Mykola Bielieskov, research fellow at the Institute of World PolicyFull text of the report is available here


1. Introduction
2. Ukraine’s interests toward Japan and Japan’s interests toward Ukraine
2.1. The political dimension of interaction
• Democratic Ukraine with market economy as a reliable partner for Japan
• Relations with Ukraine as an opportunity for Japan to implement its own approaches to international security and foreign policy
• Japan’s support in countering Russian aggression against Ukraine
2.2. Economic and technical dimension of interaction
• Japan as a source of modernization resources for Ukraine
• Mutual trade and investments
2.3. Nuclear safety in Ukraine-Japan relations
3. Who is who? Interest groups and groups of influence
• The dialogue at the highest level
• Ukrainian community in Japan
• The Committee for Economic Cooperation with Ukraine at the Japan Business Federation Keidanren
• Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
• Interparliamentary cooperation
4. Existing and potential conflicts and risks in bilateral relations
5. Recommendations