Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day: Results of the NATO Summit in Wales

12:23 PM 7-1-2015

The Institute of World Policy has made a publication according to the results of a Forum «Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day: Results of the NATO Summit in Wales», which has held on September 10 in Kyiv.This booklet contains the key messages of speeches of ukrainian and foreign officials, experts and diplomats, who took part in the Forum.
Director, Institute of World Policy

For the first time in the history of Ukraine security issue has become the first priority of the society. Moreover, it in the priority that is now consolidating different regions of Ukraine. We also observe a significant change in attitude towards Ukraine’s membership in NATO. For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine the number of the Alliance membership supporters is greater than the number of its opponents. Ukraine’s non-aligned status has not become in insurance policy capable of preventing war with Russia. On the contrary, Russia attacked the state that had once waived its claims for the NATO in order to avoid being attacked by Russia. The question, however, remains whether the war with Russia brought Ukraine closer to the NATO membership. We should be realistic and admit that it in highly unlikely, as Ukraine’s intent to integrate into the NATO has to be supported by the Alliance’s willingness and understanding of timeliness of that decision. There is also another question, whether we have To build our relations with the NATO on the «all or nothing» principle. Or, perhaps, we might make the maximum use of all opportunities provided by the partnership with the NATO, instead of membership (particularly, concerning the security sector reforms)? The history of relations between Ukraine and NATO remembers lots of bold statements, but very little action. Today, obviously, there is a strong need for moving away from populist declarations and appeals and focusing on practical cooperation.
Director, NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine

The Wales Summit was a turning point for the Euro Atlantic security system. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has altered the vision of the whole free and peaceful Europe dramatically. The instability spreading from the Middle East to the North Africa, as well as from the transnational and multidimensional threats, is also a security challenge. In these turbulent times, the NATO should be ready to deliver a wide range of missions, and the NATO has already started certain steps in that direction. It is mostly important for us today To hear the unanimous support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and the right to protection. The NATO member states have strongly condemned the illegal and illegitimate annexation of the Crimea and destabilization of eastern Ukraine. At the same time, the Allies support the efforts of the Ukrainian people, including Ukraine’s Peace Plan to find a political solution of the conflict. All 28 member states enhance their support in order to make sure that Ukraine could sustain itself and protect its own security.

Valeriy CHALY,
Deputy Head, Presidential Administration

Such issues as new responses, new approaches To the global security are addressed in Ukraine today. The global community does not know yet how to respond to the hybrid war, but soon we will see how the NATO states are going to answer the new threats. The summit has illustrated consolidation of the Euro Atlantic partnership. That was probably the best signal To all those who intent to destroy the whole world, to those who seeks to impose the new rules on the world. The NATO member states’ recognition of occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by Russia and Russian military intervention is a clear position with far-reaching consequences for both Ukraine and the future of the European security system. Perhaps, Ukraine needs not the membership itself, but rather all benefits of the membership without actual membership. The priorities are as follows: strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine; finding the most effective security system for this part of the world and for the whole globe; and specific actions and specific achievements instead of mere status. It is obvious, that the Ukrainian people have chosen their way, and now the issue of the European integration is closely linked to the issue of future integration into the NATO.

The full text of publication is available here.

The publication was made within the project of the Institute of World Policy with the support of the NATO Centre of Information and Documentation of Ukraine.