Research «How to Get Rid of Post-Sovietness?»

11:14 AM 14-11-2012

Institute of World Policy conducted the study “How to get rid of post-Sovietness?” in partnership with the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Tbilisi, Georgia), the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” (Chisinau, Moldova) and with support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.The goal of the research was to find out the negative elements in politics and society peculiar for the post-soviet developing period. By the post-sovietness we mean the form of the socio-political mutation, when the old soviet values and models of behavior combine with the Western equivalents.
The full text of analytical paper in English can be found here.
The project consists of three parts, in which the phenomenon of post-Sovietness in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is studied. Choice is motivated not only because those countries were part of the Soviet Union, but also by the fact that they have officially declared the will to join the European Union. In the course of the study, the Institute of World Policy identified attributes of post-Sovietness in politics and society.
Within the study we also created an online test to expose postsovietness. You can take the test on the web-site of information-analytical agency “Glavkom” (available in Ukrainian only).