France and Italy are Our Weak Links in the EU

11:06 AM 16-7-2015

Director of the Institute of World Policy, Alyona Getmanchuk, summed up the poll “What Europeans think about Ukraine?” in an article for “Ukrainska Pravda” (Ukrainian Truth)After analysing results of our poll, conducted in the six most populated EU member states, I would like to draw attention to the following things:

1. The least amount of people, who consider Ukraine to be a part of Europe is in France and Italy – 21% and 24% respectively. In Germany and Spain, a lot more people view Ukraine as a part of Europe, not to mention, of course, in Poland.

2. Those that are most ready to take into account Russian opinion when adopting any decisions related to Ukraine’s association with the EU is in Italy.

3. The survey found that the biggest percentage of people who associate Ukraine with Russia is in France (nearly a third – 28%). In Poland, for example, such people only make up 7%.

4. The only country, where, among three key associations about Ukraine dominate “Nationalists and the UPA in Parliament” – is Poland. Only in Poland, people associate Ukraine with Lviv and not Kyiv, as in other EU countries. Thus, despite the success story of reconciliation, the historical legacy presses on the perception of the Poles about Ukraine.

5. Only in Italy Ukraine is being associated with workers. Moreover, the older the respondents, the more likely the association.

6. The most progressive country in the south of Europe for Ukraine – is Spain. For those accustomed and believe that Spain and Italy are very similar, I advise you to get acquainted with the results of our survey and recent surveys of Pew Research Center. The differences are staggering. And clearly in favor of Spain. Another issue is that the opinion of Spanish people is not always reflected at the level of decision-makers of the country.

7. 24% of Germans believe that Ukraine still has to prove its commitment to European values, to be worthy of a EU membership prospect. After Germans come French and, surprisingly also the Poles (respectively 23 and 22%). Those that have to be least convinced about Ukrainian commitment to European values are Spaniards and Britons.

8. Germany was marked by the fact that almost half of respondents (44%) believes that Ukraine’s path towards the EU is seriously hampered by corruption. Only in Germany in three key associations with Ukraine, respondents included specific personalities. It is not difficult to guess which personalities – Klitschko brothers.

9. The most indifferent to Ukraine in Europe are the British, half of the citizens of this country did not identify with any “pro” (46%) or with the arguments “against” (51%) Ukraine’s membership in the EU.

The most sceptical to Ukraine being part of Europe are the French, the most vulnerable to Russian opinion on the Ukrainian issues are the Italians, the most uncertain about Ukrainian commitment to European values – the Germans, most focused on the historical heritage – the Poles and most indifferent to Ukraine and its place in Europe – the British.

P.S. In the near future IWP will carry out a survey in another three EU countries.

The results from each country:
Great Britain