The Index of Relations with the USA, EU, Russia, and China. Special Theme.

10:57 AM 26-10-2016

The Institute of World Politics along with the agency of strategic communications, the Truman Agency, prepared its first release of the «Index of Relations» under the project «Foreign Policy Audit».Authors: Alyona Getmanchuk, Sergiy Solodkyy, Leonid Litra, Daria Gaidai, Andriy Goncharuk.

From now on, on a quarterly basis the experts of IWP will evaluate the dynamic of of relations on key points of foreign policy concerning the EU, USA, Russia, and China. In addition, a special theme concerning a certain issue will also be published every time.

Read the publication here.

Aside from a qualitative analysis, the researchers prepared a quantitative analysis, evaluating every action on a scale from 0 to 10 with a plus or minus sign.

For the time period between June and September of this year the most positive tendencies were noted in relations between the Ukraine and the EU: these relations were evaluated at +30 points. Second place, with a minor interruption, was relations with the USA, with +17 points. Third place was taken by China (+13). The champion for negative relations was relations with Russia (-39 points).

The special theme of this release was the situation in and around Transnistria- «Is Transnistria changing the rules of the game in the region?»

The methodology of the research:

Events which were evaluated: discussions; agreements; signing of documents; the start of implimentations; any allocation of funding; political support; public resonance; partial fulfilmment of agreements; new initiatives; complete fulfillment of agreements. In the case of a negative influence, the evaluation is accompanied with a minus.

The general evaluation of a trend comes in the form of the sum of points which characterize this particular trend during the course of the stated period. The expert group used BISS’s methodology as its foundation, which developed a clear scale of evaluation of events in foreign policy.