IWP held a videoconference with Giorgi Bokeria

02:07 PM 20-12-2010

Institute of World Policy held a videoconference with Giorgi Bokeria, Secretary of the National Security Council and Adviser on national security to President of Georgia.Answering the question by the Ukrainian experts on the current situation in relations Ukraine-Georgia, Bokeria claimed that Georgia still is a strategic partner of Ukraine. “Relations with Ukraine is a matter of consensus in Georgia. We see Ukraine as the most friendly country. I hope Ukrainian authorities shares the same position towards Georgia”, underlined Bokeria and added that change of the Governement in Ukraine has not influenced the relations with Georgia. “Any democratic government in Georgia as well as in Ukraine would follow the course of the strategic partnership. this is our fundamental principle”.

Giorgi Bokeria also said that the change of leadership of Ukraine has not have an impact on the military cooperation with Georgia. “Our military-technical cooperation develops in a very dynamic and constructive way, all previous agrrements are being fulfilled”.