A Better Side of Europe: Sketches and Statistics about Ukraine and the EU

04:50 PM 18-9-2013

The Institute of World Policy presents its publication “A better side of Europe Sketches and Statistics about Ukraine and the EU”.Understanding the necessity of communicating European integration processes and the consequences of post-Soviet reminiscences to ordinary people, IWP in collaboration with Global Reporting, a Swedish media- and communications agency, launched a campaign with the aim of promoting and facilitating the debate on how the post-Sovietness is delaying democratization, transition and European integration.

To download the publication, please, click here.

A project was funded by the Swedish institute within the framework of Creative Force-programme.

Part of the campaign was “Street Euroniversities” in several Ukrainian cities, where exhibitions of caricatures on negative post-Soviet reminiscences and the illustrative advantages of the EU’s integration combined with facts and figures were displayed towards the citizens. These are to be find in our publication.

Due to work of some of Ukraine’s most renowned artists, such as Maryna Turovska, Kostyantyn Kazanchev, Ihor Bezhuk and Oleksiy Kustovsky, the project “Sketching for democracy”, could address the most striking societal spheres through easily understandable caricatures.

This booklet contains all the caricatures exhibited during the “Street universities”. Accomplished with statistics and responses from the citizens of Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Vinnytsia.
We believe that Ukraine could face an improved reality, where the citizens have higher standards of life and guaranteed social welfare. A society where freedom of expression and the rule of law are respected values. Ukraine could achieve all of that if the structures in the society are questioned and handled with in a democratic way. By comparing the realities and challenges our own values could lead to changing all of us, facilitating changing the country itself. Only after this holistic approach, Ukraine could become a better side of Europe.

The initiative was also supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Pact under UNITER project, and the International Renaissance Foundation.