Support Our Struggle for Freedom and Democracy. Vote IN FAVOUR Today

08:57 AM 6-4-2016

Civil Society`s appeal to the Dutch peopleOn 21 November 2013, our then President Yanukovych, acting under great pressure from Putin, decided to turn down cooperation and trade with Europe.
Ukraine reacted immediately. All over the country Ukrainians took to the streets, armed with the national and the European flag. Maidan Square in Kiev become the focal point of our resistance. We stood there with thousands of protesters opposite the regime’s security troops. With, as our only protection, wooden shields and our dreams for a better Ukraine.
The President responded without mercy. Dozens of demonstrators died. Their blood in the street made us realise: our country needs radical change. We opted for fundamental European values – freedom, democracy and justice.
Now, step by step, we are building a new Ukraine. With respect for human rights and minorities. With attention for animal welfare and food safety. And especially: with better governance, an effective tackling of corruption and a fair justice system. We badly need the cooperation treaty with the EU for this.
That is why we ask you to go vote today. And together with the three-quarters of the Ukrainian population who support this treaty, we hope you will not let us down / we hope that you will not leave us alone.
Liubov Akulenko (Stronger Together),
Iryna Bekeshkina (Ilko Kucheriv’s Democratic Initiatives Foundation),
Yevhen Bystrytsky (International Renaissance Foundation),
Alyona Getmanchuk (Institute of World Policy),
Bogdan Globa (LHBT-organisatie Tochka Opory / Fulcrum),
Anna Golubovska-Onisimova (milieuorganisatie MAMA-86),
Daria Kalenyuk (Anti-corruptie actiecentrum),
Oleksii Khmara (Transparency International Oekraïne),
Ihor Koliushko (Centrum voor politieke en juridische hervormingen),
Kateryna Kruk (ontvanger Freedom Award),
Kostyantyn Kvurt (Internews Ukraine),
Violeta Moscalu (Global Ukraine),
Artem Myrgorodksky (Reanimation Package of Reforms),
Grygory Osovyi (Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions – FPU),
Alisa Ruban (Stronger Together),
Mykola Ryabchuk (schrijversorganisatie PEN Oekraïne),
Oleh Rybachuk (Centrum UA),
Natalya Popovych (Ukraine Crisis Media Centre),
Alya Shandra (Euromaidan Press),
Oleksandr Sushko (International Renaissance Foundation and Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation),
Sergiy Sydorenko (European Pravda),
Victor Taran (Centrum voor politieke studies en analyse),
Hlib Vyshlynsky (Centrum voor Europese strategie),
Yevhen Zakharov (Kharkiv Human Rights Group),
Roman Zinchenko (Greencubator),
Joseph Zisels (Vereniging van Joodse organisaties en gemeenschappen in Oekraïne)
Yalta European Strategy