Policy Brief “ The economy under a press. How Ukraine can rescue itself from the Russian economic coercion»

05:12 PM 25-11-2013

IWP with the support of the Norwegian government and the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine has published a policy brief, based on the results of the fifth meeting of the Strategic Discussion Club.The Strategic Discussion Club held its fifth meeting on September 18th, 2013. It was devoted to the economic dimension of the national security of Ukraine. The panelists discussed the economic situation of the country on the eve of Vilnius summit and development prospects offered by the Association Agreement with EU.
Policy Brief states that the economic instruments of pressure have turned into the key tool of Russian policy in the post-Soviet space. However, the effectiveness of trade and gas wars that Russia regularly conducts against neighbouring states has significantly decreased in the 2000s compared to the previous decade. Despite the Moscow’s integration efforts Russia’s share in trade with the CIS countries has been steadily decreasing, and China and the EU are strengthening their positions in the region.
The research emphasizes that Ukraine is an absolute champion among other former Soviet republics by the number of trade disputes (and even gas wars) with Russia. At the same time Ukraine maintains one of the highest level of economic dependence from Russia, second only to Belarus.
The main conclusion of the Policy Brief is that the enhancement of the Ukrainian economy’s competitiveness by means of increased cooperation with the EU becomes of the first importance for the national security of Ukraine
The full text of the Policy Brief is here.