Policy Brief “Solo on the Pipe: Energy Security of Ukraine in the context of the geopolitical choice”

02:29 PM 13-7-2013

The Institute of World Policy with the support of the Government of Norway and the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine published the policy brief according based on the results of the third session of the Strategic Discussion Club.The third Strategic Discussion Club, held on the 23rd of April, was devoted to the topic of energy security of Ukraine. The key questions discussed during the session were the relations of Kyiv and Moscow in the context of gas supply and transfer, the independence of Ukrainian GTS as the core aspect of the security of the state, new resources of energy production and the importance of unconventional gas resources.

The research emphasizes that, in spite of the strong dependence of Ukraine on the Russian energy resources, Ukraine still has leverage (e.g. Ukrainian GTS) to establish equitable relations. At the same time, by constructing the bypass headways to the Europe, Russia tries to minimize the importance of these leverages.

It is stressed in the analysis that Ukraine has to maintain control over the GTS and only then it can ensure its energy security. The surrender of the Ukrainian GTS may cause the halt of the reverse gas import and the building of the LNG-terminal as well as it will slow down the process of shale gas extraction.

The policy brief concludes that Ukraine has to maintain control of over the GTS and establish transparent and professional management in the energy sector that will enhance the level of state security in general.

The full version of the policy brief is under the following this link.