Policy Brief “Europeanization of Ukraine as the factor of national security”

12:50 PM 23-4-2013

The Institute of World Policy and the NATO and the Liaison Office in Ukraine with the support of the Government of Norway has published the policy-brief on the results of the second meeting of the Strategic Discussion Club.At the end of February, 2013 the Institute of World Policy held the 2nd meeting of SDC. During the event the experts focused on the following questions: what advantages in the sphere of defence does the European integration provides to Ukraine? what results can we expect from the Ukraine-EU summit? can EU become a new “umbrella of defence” for Ukraine?

IWP analysed the results of the expert discussion and presented the policy-brief at the 3rd meeting of SDC.
The process of Europeanization is scrutinized as a factor of changes in Ukraine, particularly in the defence sector, in the research paper. The Europeanization of the defence sector is closely related to the possibility to develop strong institutions, the ability to ensure the transparency of decision making, and the forecast and foreign policy sequence.

It is underlined that Ukraine should not focus on the perspective of membership as the main motivation of Europeanization; Europeanization has to be implemented without regard for integration perspectives.

The full version of the policy brief is under the following this link