TOP-10 Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine & TOP-10 Ukrainian Ambassadors Abroad

01:16 PM 19-3-2015

IWP published the results of the expert survey TOP-10 most effective Ukrainian and foreign ambassadors in 2014Overall, 27 Ukrainian experts took part in the survey. The evaluation criteria for ambassadors remained unchanged:
1. Ability to solve Ukraine-related problematic issues in the country of appointment swiftly and effectively.
2. Access to the key political actors in the respective country and ability to influence them.
3. Openness and active dialogue with politicians, experts and media.
4. Ability to create and / or actively support the positive image of the country in the host state.
5. Organization and participation in public events promoting dialogue between the country of appointment and the ambassador’s native state.

The full text of publication “TOP-10 Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine and TOP-10 Ukrainian Ambassadors Abroad in 2014” is available here.

TOP-10 Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine:
Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Jan Tombinski (156)
Ambassador of the USA to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (148)
Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine Henryk Litwin (118)
Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Dr. Christof WeIL (111)
Ambassador of the Great Britain to Ukraine Simon Smith (109)
Ambassador of France to Ukraine Alain Remy (62)
Ambassador of France to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk (60)
Ambassador of Austria to Ukraine Wolf Dietrich HeIm (58)
Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Andreas von Beckerath (54)
Ambassador of Lithuania to Ukraine Petras Vaitiekunas (cadence ended in January 2015) (52)

TOP-10 Ukrainian Ambassadors Abroad
Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Yuriy Sergeyev (130)
Representative of Ukraine to the European Union Kostiantyn Yelisieiev (118)
Head of the mission of Ukraine to NATO Igor Dolgov (117)
Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia (102)
Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Olexander Motsyk (96)
Ambassador of Ukraine to France Oleh Shamshur (76)
Ambassador of Ukraine to Austria Olexander Scherba (60)
Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy Yevhen Perelygin (46)
Ambassador of Ukraine to Finland Andrii Olefirov (37)
Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Ihor Kharchenko (35)