Survey “TOP-10 Most Post-Soviet Politicians of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova”

12:21 PM 19-9-2012

Institute of World Policy conducted an expert survey “Top-10 most post-Soviet politicians of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova”.According to the survey, Viktor Yanukovych was rated as the most post-Soviet politician of Ukraine. The Georgian ranking was topped by the leader of opposition Nino Burdzhinadze. And, the first place of the Moldovan survey was taken by its former President Vladimir Voronin.
Institute of World Policy asked the experts from three countries to list ten most post-Soviet politicians, assessing the level of post-Sovietness of their public statements, methods of decision-making and behavior on a ten-point scale. The more attributes of post-Sovietness could be identified in politicians’ behavior and public statements, the higher the score that was given them.
The proposed list of politicians was composed based on two criteria: the positions they currently hold and / or a high level of publicity by which we could evaluate politicians for clearly determined criteria. In some cases, it was the publicity level that ensured the place of a politician in the list.
The survey was prepared in the framework of the project “How to Get Rid of Post-Sovietness?”, implemented by the Institute of World Policy in partnership with the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Tbilisi, Georgia) and the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives «Viitorul» (Chisiniv, Moldova), with the support of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (project of the German Marshall Fund).
The full results of the survey in both Ukrainian and English languages can be found here.
Presentation of analytical paper was held on the 19th of September in 2012 at the IWP. (Photo Report)