IWP expert took part in discussion to sum up WOSCAP project progress

02:05 PM 25-1-2017

Sergiy Solodkyy, first deputy director at the IWP, took part in a comparative and synthetic analysis workshop : ‘EU Capabilities for Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention using a ‘Whole-Of-Society Approach’.

The event was hosted by the Utrecht University on 18-19 January, 2017.

The consortium of the WOSCAP project and GPPAC members from Mali, Ukraine and Georgia gathered to discuss the substantial empirical and analytical work which has been done on different country case studies, cross-cutting themes and on clusters

In particular, the participants shared progress reports and agreed inputs to Final Research Report – analysis of empirical findings across country cases, clusters and cross-cutting themes. They also identified key themes of the project: assessing and defining EU capabilities using a Whole-of-Society approach.

The first WOSCAP objective is to assess past and ongoing conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives of the EU and its partners. The assessment is centred on the EU’s capabilities regarding multi-track diplomacy, security sector reform and governance reform, including a comparative analysis. By including field work through case studies, the project assessed the EU’s conflict prevention and peacebuilding capabilities in a real life context. The IWP carried out a case study on Ukraine.

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In the end of the project the consortium will define concrete policy recommendations to enhance EU’s peacebuilding capabilities.