Institute of World Policy Finalized its Agenda for 2017

10:23 AM 20-1-2017

Institute of World Policy conducted its traditional annual survey among officials, Ukrainian and foreign experts, diplomats, journalists and active citizens on which issues should be covered in 2017.According to the partners, the Institute of World Policy should focus its activities on development of a strategic vision for Ukraine’s foreign policy and evaluation of Kyiv’s relations with the key partners, which emphasizes importance of the “Foreign Policy Audit of Ukraine” project launched in 2016. Second most popular option is security and defense policies, and cooperation with the NATO. Furthermore, many respondents have also mentioned implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU.

The IWP had taken into account all the recommendations provided in the previous year, in particular the ones regarding an information campaign abroad and a research on security issues.

Compared to the previous year, the respondents noted increase in influence on foreign policy decisions of Ukrainian authorities, as well as on attitudes of foreign stakeholders and expert community toward Ukraine.

Furthermore, the respondents have been offered to evaluate various criteria of the IWP’s activities on a 5-grade scale. The poll has shown that the IWP is mostly valued for importance of research topics (4.5), professionalism of its team (4.4) and quality of events (4.4). Such criteria as quality of communications (4.2), quality of analytical materials and recommendations (4.1), and innovations and creativity (4.1) have also received high grades. Moreover, none of the criteria has received low grade.

Compared to the results of the last year’s poll, we should note improvement in grades for such criteria as importance of research topics, quality of events, quality of communications, quality of recommendations, and influence on stakeholders.

The respondents have confirmed importance of the IWP’s mission almost unanimously. The mission of the Institute of World Policy is to develop analytical products and implement projects in order to promote European and Euro-Atlantic prospects of Ukraine, and increase their support by opinion leaders, and EU and NATO officials. The respondents have consistently confirmed importance of the IWP’s mission over past years.

Traditionally, the poll has decisively proven an extremely high level of trust to the organization, as 85% of the respondents have evaluated it as high (23% of them as very high).


This poll has been conducted within the framework of assessment of the IWP’s agenda for 2017. Overall, the poll has involved 143 respondents.

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