The Ambassadors Expressed Their Opinions About Ukraine’s European Integration After The Presidential Election

03:49 PM 1-2-2010

On February 1, 2010, the Institute of World Policy in Kyiv held a discussion between ambassadors of Germany, Poland, and France. The topic of the conference, who representing the Weimar Triangle, was “Ukraine in Europe: Expectations After the Presidential Election.”Ambassador of Germany Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth, Ambassador Poland Jacek Kluczkowski, and Ambassador of France Jacques Faure, expressed their opinions on this issue at the Institute of World Policy.

The Weimar Triangle diplomatists pointed to the re-establishment of cooperation with the IMF, financial crisis issues, fighting corruption, and investment climate improvement, as the necessary steps to make after the presidential elections.

A number of ukrainian foreign policy experts took part in the conversation. Vadym Tryukhan, director of Coordination Bureau for European and Euro-Atlantic integration; Oleksandr Lytvinenko, director advisor of Institute of national security problems; Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, executive director of Open Ukraine Fund; Oleksandr Shcherba, Foreign policy advisor of Arseniy Yatsenyuk; Leonid Polyakov, Head of expert board of Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies; Mykhaylo Honchar, director of energy projects of NOMOS Center; Kyryl Savin, head of Ukrainian division of Heinrich Boel Stftung; Oleksandr Paliy, expert of Institute for Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine expressed their opinions and asked questions to ambassadors.

Around 40 reporters of leading Ukrainian media took part in the conference “Ukraine in Europe: Expectations After the Presidential Election.”