The Institute of World Policy Set Up the Video Conference on Ukrainian Election Between Washington and Kyiv-Based Experts and Media Representatives

05:22 PM 3-2-2010

On February 2, the Institute of World Policy, in cooperation with the Center For American Progress, held a video conference between Ukrainian and American experts and media representatives. The topic of the conference is “America’s Expectations from the Ukrainian Election.”Senior experts in the Washington studio included Steven Pifer, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (1998-2000); William Taylor, Vice President of the Center for Post-Conflict Peace and Stability Operations of the United States Institute of Peace, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2006-2009), member of The Strategic Advisory Group to the Institute of World Policy; Damon Wilson, Atlantic Council Vice President, former Senior Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council during President George W. Bush`s second term; and Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow at the Center For American Progress.

Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of IWP, and Samuel Charap moderated the conference in Kyiv and Washington.

Yuriy Shcherbak, former Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA; Vadym Tryukhan, director of Coordination Bureau for European and Euro-Atlantic integration; Oleksandr Lytvinenko, director advisor of Institute of national security problems; Oleksandr Shcherba, Foreign policy advisor of Arseniy Yatsenyuk; Leonid Polyakov, Head of expert board of Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies; Mykhaylo Honchar, director of energy projects of NOMOS Center; Kyryl Savin, head of Ukrainian division of Heinrich Boel Stftung; Oleksandr Paliy, expert of Institute for Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and other foreign policy experts of Ukraine expressed their opinions and asked questions to William Taylor, Damon Wilson, Steven Pifer and Samuel Charap.

The video conference between Kyiv and Washington audiences was the first of five conferences scheduled at the Institute of World Policy in 2010. The conferences with experts from Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw would take place later this year. IWP wants the Ukrainian expert community to become closer to Western colleagues as a result of the video conferences series.