Ukraine: Out of Crisis Through Dialogue

05:34 PM 10-5-2015

A joint project by the Institute of World Policy and the Center for Cultural Relations “Caucasian House”, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain.The project had two objectives: first, providing support for political, social and economic reforms in Ukraine by studying the lessons of Georgian reforms; second, establishing the dialogue between Ukrainian and Russian experts.

From September 2014 to March 2015 the IWP and “Caucasian House” have organized three working visits of Ukrainian experts, government officials, civil society activists and journalists to Georgia. During the four days, Ukrainian delegation has been meeting with Georgian officials and experts and discussing the possibility of applying Georgian experience to solve the most urgent problems in Ukraine.

That part had two dimensions: a) transferring Georgian experience in the light of Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-South Ossetian conflicts, and normalization of relations with Russia; b) presentation of Georgia’s achievements in such areas as reforms of local governance, police, and army; anti-corruption measures; judicial reform; health care reform, and education.
Photo report on the first working visit to Georgia (November 2014)
Photo report on the second working visit to Georgia (February 2015)
Photo report on the third working visit (March 2015)
The second component of the project involved organization of round tables for discussions on Ukrainian-Russian conflict participated by Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, and European experts and journalists. The main objective of those meetings was to reduce tension of the conflict and facilitate a constructive dialogue on existing issues between Russian and Ukrainian experts. The long debates and heated discussions have resulted in analytical articles and briefs prepared by the project participants.
Photo report on the first round table on Ukraine-Russia dialogue (November 2014)
Photo report on the second round table (February 2015)
Photo report on the third round table (March 2015)