Euro-Atlantic Dimension

02:01 PM 16-9-2014

From the very beginning the IWP has clearly declared its support for the courses for enhanced cooperation between Ukraine and NATO as a guarantee of security of Ukraine.IWP has initiated a number of projects aimed to inform the Ukrainian public about the activities of NATO, to establish a permanent communication platform for expert discussions on national security in the context of cooperation with NATO, as well as a better understanding of Ukrainian issue within the Alliance.
IWP team is always looking for new and creative formats for their projects. IWP began its activity with the developing of a special “Euro-Atlantic collection” with designer Olena Dats. It was presented in March 12, 2010 during the “Ukrainian fashion week” within autumn /winter season 2010.
“Euro-Atlantic Collection” included 30 units of female clothing: evening and casual dresses, outerwear and business suits, decorated with emblem variations on NATO and partly the EU. So the IWP attempted to change the perception and correct image of NATO among Ukraininans.
Designer Olena Dats and Director of the IWP Alyona Getmanchuk
In December of that year, the ISP decided to introduce the Ukrainian trend among the employees of Alliance while showing the “Euro-Atlantic fashion collection” at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Diplomats, accredited by NATO headquarters, journalists, representatives of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO. Best exemplars of collection were presented on mannequins in the lobby of the headquarters of NATO.
The event took place before the opening session of the “Ukraine-NATO” Commission. Photos.
In Kiev, the collection was presented in 2011 during the celebration of the first Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day in Ukraine.
IWP held a number of videoconferences with NATO headquarters, as well as media clubs, public discussion, and extensive forums involving representatives of the Alliance for thorough discussions of Ukraine-NATO cooperation. In addition, IWP experts made analytical recommendations to the Ukrainian government and NATO headship concerning Ukraine’s inclusion to the Euro-Atlantic security system.
The first video conference on the results of the Lisbon Summit with the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy Dirk Brengelmann was held in November 24, 2010. Mr.Brengelmann informed Ukrainian experts and journalists about the content of documents that were adopted at the Lisbon Summit, focusing on the Strategic Concept 2020.
In May, 2012 the IWP organized a public discussion: “Outcome. Opportunities for partner countries” in order to discuss the outcome of the NATO Chicago Summit. Due to the videoconference with NATO Headquarters Ukrainian experts were able to talk with Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Stefanie Babst.
“Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: Pro et Contra»
In 2011, the IWP along with the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, with the support of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine and the Government of Denmark and Estonia implemented a extensive project “Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: pro et contra».

The aim of the project was to develop the expert scenario for a possible involvement of Ukraine into NATO missile defense system in Europe that is to respond to public demand (from Ukrainian and foreign politicians and diplomats) about the potential participation of the Ukrainian defense system and the feasibility of such cooperation. The “Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: pro et contra» project consisted of several elements:
1) Focus groups involving leading experts in the field of missile defense and NATO members. Participants of two focus groups have worked a number of recommendations on the possible involvement of Ukraine into the projects of NATO, the prospects of Ukraine-Russia and NATO-Ukraine in the new architecture of NATO missile defense system.
2) Exclusive interviews and consultations with representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, the National Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada.
3) Videoconference Kyiv-Moscow, involving representatives of Ukrainian and Russian governmental and non-governmental experts for security affairs.
The “Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: pro et contra» research was presented on October 26, 2011. Authors of the analytical report, IWP Director Alyona Getmanchuk, experts of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Zhurets Serhiy and Anton Mihnenko as well as the IWP analyst Oksana Pylyavets shared the main outcome of the research with colleagues and journalists. You can download the analytical report “Ukraine in NATO Missile Defense System: pro et contra» here.
Ukraine – Russia – NATO Forum “Cooperation with NATO: Benefits for Ukraine and Russia”
IWP tried to go beyond the stereotypes in the perception of cooperation with NATO, which date back to the time of the “cold war” by organizing a Forum in trilateral format. On November 7, 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine, the First Russia – NATO – Ukraine Forum “Cooperation with NATO: Benefits for Ukraine and Russia” was held, where leading European, Ukrainian and Russian experts discussed the new vision of relations between Kyiv, Moscow and NATO. IWP aims to organize an ongoing discussion forum to find ways that would allow all three parties to move from biased dialogue to mutually beneficial partnership.
At the Forum Russia was presented by the leading experts and scientists Tatiana Parhalina Dmitriy Danilov, a member of the Scientific Council of the Moscow Carnegie Center Andrey Ryabov, the editor of the Russian BBC Constantin Eggert, and many others. Geography of the Russian participants reached from Kaliningrad to Volgograd. Britain’s leading expert on post-Soviet countries Keir Giles presented the opinion of the Western Europe. The moderators were well-known TV presenters Yevgeny Kiselyov and Sergey Dorofeev. Details about the event.
Forum Ukraine-Russia-NATO caused a wide resonance in the Ukrainian media. On the eve of the Forum the IWP Director Alyona Getmanchuk gave a lengthy interview to the online newspaper “Obozrevatel” about her expectations from the discussion in a trilateral format. You can find the information about the events and significance of the Forum in the newspaper “Den”, article “Cure for stereotypes” and in the “Radio Svoboda” “Ukraine – Russia – NATO: closed triangle or formula of security?”.
The forum was organized along with the Carnegie Moscow Center with the support of NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine and NATO Information Office in Russia.
On February 14, 2012 the Institute of World Policy presented the publication on the outcome of the Forum “Advantages of cooperation with NATO for Russia and Ukraine” and organized a videoconference with Moscow. During the presentation, the experts discussed the current state and prospects of relations in the format of Ukraine-Russia-NATO for 2012. In particular, the participants shared their vision of the future Ukrainian-Russian relations after the presidential election in the Russian Federation.
The full text of analytical report “The advantages of cooperation with NATO to Russia and Ukraine” Ukrainian and English can be found here.
Ukraine-NATO Forum: “Safety in cooperation: development opportunities”

NATO-Ukraine Forum, held on November 14, 2013, was devoted to the possibility of cooperation between the Alliance and Ukraine in terms of neutral status of Ukraine. Among the attendees were leading experts on security and international relations from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine; they discussed the prospects of the North Atlantic Alliance and Ukraine in the context of the acclaimed non-aligned status of Ukraine. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andriy Olefirov, former Minister of Defence of Poland Janusz Onyshkevych, former Minister of Defence of Lithuania Rasa Yuknyavichene and Director of Defence Policy and Strategy of the Defence Ministry of the Czech Republic Jan Havránek et al. Details of the event.
Forum Ukraine-NATO had wide regional representatives: public figures, scientists and journalists from Simferopol, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Sevastopol, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv, Rivne, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Kherson and Lutsk.
During the Forum live video conference with NATO Headquarters in Brussels was held, that is with the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges Jamie Shea. The event was supported by the Center for Information and Documentation in Ukraine.

Forum “Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day: Results of the NATO Summit in Wales”
On September, 10 the IWP held a Forum “Euro-Atlantic Partnership Day: results of the NATO Summit in Wales.” Participants discussed the results and agreements that were reached during the summit, including NATO’s contribution to the security of Ukraine. The discussion was very frank, dynamic, and sometimes even provocative.
The Forum was attended by Ukrainian and foreign diplomats, representatives of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, the Ukrainian leading experts on security and international relations. More than a hundred of participants of the Forum assessed the state of relations between Ukraine and NATO including such reputable speakers as Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Valeriy Chaly, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Igor Kabanenko, the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine Jon Elvedal Fredriksen, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007-2009) Volodymyr Ohryzko , British Ambassador to Ukraine Simon Smith, Senior fellow of the Atlantic Council of the United States Adrian Karatnycky, Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Badrak Valentin, Deputy director of the Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (Switzerland) Philipp Fluri et al. The event was supported by the Center for Information and Documentation in Ukraine.
IWP experts constantly comment and write about Euro-Atlantic vector of Ukraine’s foreign policy in Ukrainian and foreign media. In addition, the Director of the Institute of World Policy Alyona Getmanchuk regularly illuminates the issues of Euro-Atlantic security and presence of Ukraine in it in her “Euroatlantist Dairy” which is published by the “Ukrainska pravda” since 2008.

Ukraine-NATO Cooperation (Infographics)

Following the Russian aggression, IWP prepared infographics in partnership with the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine about Ukraine-NATO cooperation.


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